6 thoughts on “Willkommen!

  1. It’s very interesting content here, congratulations!
    Too bad the timeline of the articles is missing. It would be great if recurring readers found out what (and if anything) has been added since their last visit.

    1. Hello Tomas!
      In the window “news” I commend, which projects I’m currently working on. In german: Aktuelle Arbeiten an…
      Happy new year, stoppi

  2. Dear Stoppi,

    Me and 2 other students (from the Netherlands) are remaking your project of building a powermeter. It’s a very fun and interesting project. But we still have a few questions. Is it possible to videocall/mail you about this? It would help us a lot.

    yours sincerely,


    1. Dear Timo!
      I’m glad to hear, that you remake my project. Which questions to you exactly have? The code for the receiver and transmitter can be found here on my homepage. Best wishes, stoppi

      1. Hi Stoppi,
        Thank you for your reaction. At the moment these are the questions we have.
        1. How did you measure/calculate the calibration factor in Newton/volt?
        2. What are the resistor values that you have used?
        3. Which electronic parts have you used?
        4. We have looked a long time at the schematic sketch of the electrical circuit. But at the photo’s the electrical circuit looks totally different. How is everything connected?
        We hope that you can answer our question.
        Yours sincerely,

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